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“Franco-Iranian Ariana’s initiative is exemplary. She is a magnificent classical voice, journeying back in time to her origins. Her concert transmitted a corresponding spiritual charge."

– Télérama, Fez Festival

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French-Iranian singer, trained at the Paris Conservatory, Ariana Vafadari brings together her oriental heritage and her passion for classical classical music. Mezzo soprano with a deep tone but also a composer, she invents sonorous epics between traditional music, classical and jazz where Zoroastrian wisdom poetically illuminates our questions of today.

 "Anahita", a musical creation written by Ariana Vafadari and Leili Anvar, tells the quest for the feminine and water. A prayer to Anahita, Iranian divinity of deity of water, fertility and wisdom. The one who increases the water, courses the people and the living, the healer and the one who initiates to wisdom.

A prayer so necessary in these times of uprising of the Iranian people.


Surrounded by musicians of diverse cultural and musical origins: Julien Carton (Piano), Yacir Rami (Ud). Leila Soldevila (Double bass) trained to the traditional Iranian music, Moroccan others to the jazz, to the western classical music music, they pass freely in the compositions from one universe to another. The sacred dance of Rana Gorgani, whirling dervish, illuminates with her hypnotic presence the song and music.

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