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“As she sings, plays guitar and dances, you quickly realize you are witnessing a professional who is in command of not only everything happening on stage, but as well is holding the entire audience under her spell.”

– Ron Deutsch, AFROPOP WORLDWIDE, 2022


Djazia Satour is back with new album Aswât (Voices) exploring the algerian legacy in a subtle and original manner. Her unique mix of indie folk and pop- infused groove embraces her heritage and childhood in Algiers to create warm and flavourful music : a mix of 1950s Chaabi with the tribal rhythms of bendirs, elegant melodies from a banjo or a mandole, with deep bass and energetic analog keyboards.


In Aswât,Djazia carries the voices of the voiceless, she tells the stories less told, from a new angle. Depossession, exile and migration(Ida, TalebLaman, Chouf Elil), memories of loved and estranged people and places (Souâl, Loun Liyam,YamaTal). So many voices in the turmoil of our modern world, migrating like birds in a melody of winds (Neghmat Erriah) that carry « screamsand lamentations» so profound that Djazia found the absolute need to tell in her native language, arabic.


With a raw sound and feel, this new project showcases the power of her voice and hymn- like melodies that invite us to join her in a brand new world. A world where tradition nourrishes the authenticity of a modern, creative and refreshing artist in a new form of borderless mediterranean folk & pop.

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