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“As she sings, plays guitar and dances, you quickly realize you are witnessing a professional who is in command of not only everything happening on stage, but as well is holding the entire audience under her spell.”

– Ron Deutsch, AFROPOP WORLDWIDE, 2022

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Djazia Satour's individual brand of funk, folk and pop-infused grooves is suffused with influences from her Algerian upbringing. Mixing 1950s Chaabi with the tribal rhythms of bendirs, juxtaposing modal melodies from a banjo or mandola with deep bass and energetic analogue keyboards, she creates a cosmopolitan blend of then and now.


Djazia Satour moved to the French city of Grenoble in 1990 and at the age of 15 she joined the Gnawa Diffusion ensemble as a singer before raising her profile as the voice of electro-trip-hop combo MIG. She struck out on her own in 2010 taking a more acoustic direction on her debut EP, Klami, a sound she expanded upon in her following two full-length albums, turning her attention lyrically to themes of dispossession and exile on her latest release, Aswât.

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