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"Apart from how he sings, with that voice that soars to the highs and is as smooth as caramel but has a certain kick to it, without an iota of pretence, what he sings is also gold".

– Miguel Martínez (Rockdelux)

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Israel Fernández is one of the most celebrated flamenco performers of his generation. Renowned for infusing the traditional Spanish genre with his own unique personality and flair, to date Fernández has released five albums including ‘Naranjas Sobre la Nieve’, ‘Con Hilo De Oro Fino’, ‘Universo Pastora’, ‘Amor’ y 'Pura Sangre'. Recently, the artist has worked with the likes of El Guincho (ROSALíA, FKA twigs) and Diego del Morao on a range of single releases such as ‘La Inocencia’ and ‘En La Feria De La Bambera’.

“Mr. del Morao is special. When he played soleá, one of the traditional forms, he was tenacious and extravagant (..), making decisions from moment to moment, without fetishizing the music’s customary dynamic shifts”.
– Ben Ratliff (The New York Times)

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