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“Mr. del Morao is special. When he played soleá, one of the traditional forms, he was tenacious and extravagant (..), making decisions from moment to moment, without fetishizing the music’s customary dynamic shifts”.
– Ben Ratliff (The New York Times)

In Israel and in Diego, two worlds coexist, the ancient and the contemporary. One has managed to rejuvenate the cante of yesteryear endowing it with new elements and making it appealing for fans today. And the other has the virtue, among many other things, of sounding classical and modern at the same time. There is something very special about this young singer from Toledo and that is that his voice is impregnated with a very wide spectrum of characteristics in which anguish, spirit and the gypsy world coexist with tempo, sweetness and musicality. Israel represents the present of flamenco and is destined to make history in this art. Despite his youth, he has become a reference for both fans of cante and for his companions. Among his qualities, his enormous personality, perfect tuning, a devilish mastery of rhythm and an inordinate enthusiasm for an art that represents his way of life, all stand out. In Diego's case, we are talking about one of the most recognized flamenco guitarists of the moment, both nationally and internationally. Considered by many as the number 1 player today, he has a legion of followers who are in love with his personality and his passionate sense of rhythm. Diego has been able to create his own music, his own style, without losing respect for the tradition of his roots; his guitar playing is, possibly, one of the most recognizable among contemporary guitarists.

"Apart from how he sings, with that voice that soars to the highs and is as smooth as caramel but has a certain kick to it, without an iota of pretence, what he sings is also gold".

– Miguel Martínez (Rockdelux)

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