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“Ever since the death of legendary diva Cesária Évora in 2011, the world has been waiting for another Cape Verdean singer with her sublime poise and emotional power. We may have just found her in Lucibela”.
   —Banning Eyre, All Things Considered NPR.

Laço_Umbilical - Lucibela
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Born 1986 on the island of São Nicolau and singing ever since, Lucibela's assured, warm voice is formed from years of assimilation of the sounds of morna and coladera. She began performing with a band while at the high school, later going on to sing in hotels in Boa Vista, entertaining tourists, performing songs made famous by the great singers of Cabo Verde such as Cesária Évora, Titina or Bana; songs that she knew by heart and made her own. In 2012, she moved to Praia, soon attracting attention in the city's music venues, finally making a breakthrough at the 2017 Atlantic Music Expo, leading to invitations to Belgium and Lisbon, where she recorded her debut album with producer Toy Vieira, Cesária Évora's musical director, furthering her aim of carrying on the great diva's legacy.

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