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"One of the “sure bets“ of young world jazz."



In addition to their singular jazz, OZMA has developed a real sensitivity for composing music to fit with image which gave birth to many photoconcerts including «Crossroads», a 2019 creation resulting from the meeting with European, African and Asian photographers; «20! A tribute to two decades of democracy in South Africa; or «1914-1918, Other Looks» reviving an unpublished photographic archive of the First World War. In its multidisciplinary approach, OZMA is also the creator of many film concerts including the films «The Lost World» by Harry O. Hoyt (2017), «The Three Ages» by Buster Keaton (2014), or “The Battleship Potemkin” by Eisenstein (2010).


Seven albums to their credit, 450 concerts on 4 continents and in 39 countries, collaborative multidisciplinary projects with artists from all over the world. So many dialogues and generous exchanges have continued to feed the work of the musicians of OZMA. Since 2001, OZMA has taken us on journeys, across continents but also musical styles, borrowing largely from rock grammars, traditional music and electronic landscapes. Like a willingness to hear John Coltrane interacting with Rage Against The Machine, Ravi Shankar jamming with Pink Floyd, or Amon Tobin hitching up with the fanfares of New Orleans.

Eleven Suns Booking Agency Represents:
OZMA in the USA and Latin America.



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