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“If Cesaria Evora was the queen of the morna, then Tito Paris is the king”.

Spot (Netherlands) - 2015

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"...with TITO PARIS, elegance is always the main game.” in Songlines
"His sorrow is heartfelt and his melancholia is almost tangible…" in BBC Music

The dear child of São Vicente (Cape Verde) is back with a new show and preparing a new album. Morna, Funaná, Coladera, dance, joy and humanity, all is shared in Tito Paris concerts around the world. Based in Lisbon since he was 19, Tito Paris, imposed himself as a major figure of the flourishing Cape Verdean scene in the city back in the 80's; by backing the great singers that also lived in Lisbon but also composing for the likes of Bana and Cesária Évora. His husky voice, his mastery of the guitar and the heartfelt singing made him an ambassador of his country and the best known male artist of Cape Verde of his generation.

“Acústico is a striding and powerful work. Proof, if proof were necessary, that Tito Paris is fruitful musician at the top of his game, and a burgeoning ambassador for Cape Verde...There’s a wonderful duality to Paris’s music – it’s drenched with maturity yet without the slightest trace of aged complacency. At times it bewails times passed, while at others it prescribes a bold and bountiful future. But thankfully these warring emotions complement rather than contradict each other”.


— Robert Jackman, BBC (UK) - 2007

“Some breathe only oxygen, others start breathing music the moment they are born, it’s the case of Tito”.


— Ana Pina, Jornal Económico (Portugal) - 2017

"Tito Paris is a giant of Cabo Verdean music, with a huge catalog of hits, which he sampled to a delighted crowd at WOMEX of old and new fans. Backed by a seasoned crack band, Tito is a beguiling presence, whose easy confidence onstage telegraphs that he has nothing to prove, and plenty to share."

— Banning Eyre - Afropop Worldwide PRX

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